Mitsukoshi Motors Philippines Incorporated (MMPI) is the exclusive importer, assembler, and distributor of SYM, Euro Motors, and Euro Keeway Motors in the Philippines. The dedication to providing quality yet affordable motorcycles has been the company’s edge to continuously grow its market for more than 20 years. The company’s humble beginning can be traced back to March 1997 through the perseverance, hard work, loyalty, and shared vision of the men and women of MMPI to provide affordable yet durable means of transportation and business for every Filipinos in the country.

San Yang Motor (SYM) Started a local motorcycle assembly in Taiwan for Honda in 1961 until it formed its own brand and competed directly globally.

Keeway is part of a large Chinese conglomerate that also owns the Italian motorcycle brand Benelli. Products are available in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Euro motor was introduced by Mitsukoshi Motors Philippines Inc. in 2006 a brand that emerged to make quality and affordable motorcycles available to the Philippine market, product line covers geared motorcycles wherein there is a wide range of displacements available. Thanks to its reliability, durability, and competitive price, it has become a trusted brand among local brands.

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